Bearing fruit of a life that has yielded to exalt Him

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

Not all are willing to humble ourselves and acknowledge that we have acted incorrectly, that we have to make up for such an action because God does not approve it. Humbling ourselves is acceptance, it is acknowledgement that we did not do well and that we are willing to take responsibility for the facts; so we make amends for any damage or consequence of our actions, whether conscious or unconscious, but they are there and cannot be hidden.

This does not embarrass us. On the contrary, it exalts us before the presence of God because we have left pride aside to be humble. Because the greatness of man is to acknowledge and accept his failings, not hiding them or being indifferent while knowing that he acted badly.

When we do this, we demonstrate that we have been changed and transformed, that our ego cannot dominate us, for we want to be like Christ, reflect his character and bear fruit of a life that has yielded to exalt Him.

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