An unknown world begins to manifest

But it can be removed, as the scripture says about Moses: “his veil was removed when he turned to the Lord.” 2 Corinthians 3:16
The world believes that they hold the truth and the knowledge of all things. They support themselves on their intelligence and their theories, which they have sustained for thousands of years. They have neither let anything make them change nor understood that their knowledge is limited, that their truth does not exist because there is only one absolute truth.
God is not seeking minds; He seeks hearts. The mind does not convert, but it does transform when our heart is surrendered at his feet. He seeks a genuine breakthrough, which guarantees Him that we will no longer depend on ourselves but that we will depend on Him forever. Then we will see how a veil is removed from us: what we thought was of value, it has none; what we believed, it is not true; and that on which we supported, it never existed.
It is then we realize that an unknown world begins to manifest in us, which was concealed before our very eyes. Spiritual eyes open and we begin to understand many things, which show us the mysteries that were hidden and are revealed to those who give themselves to the Lord from the heart.

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