Let us enjoy pleasing the Lord in everything

For You are my hope, O Lord GOD; You are my trust from my youth. Psalms 71:5
God allows different stages in our lives so we enjoy each one of them while pleasing the Lord in everything. These stages are important because they make us enjoy and delight in that which He affords us.
The innocence of childhood and the beauty of adolescence; each one them marks our lives. What we do will determine what we will be in Christ.
Childhood is supervised by parents, who have the obligation to watch their children so nothing happens to them. Adolescence is the hardest one, for in this stage they want to be independent and do not go along with everything their parents tell them.
As parents, let us not get our eyes off them. Let us keep encouraging them to watch themselves and not be influenced by friends or the barrage they receive daily aimed at them losing their reward before God. So, they can keep their heart clean while seeking righteousness, faith, love and peace, which are unshakeable columns in view of the challenges of youth.

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