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Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden, And they shall sorrow no more at all. Jeremiah 31:12 Life is a gift from God, but circumstances do not let us see it like that. We then turn into depressive, melancholic, anxious, sad people. We stop seeing the beautiful things that surround us, which are his creation. When this happens but we do nothing about changing, we are unfair to Him, for we stop believing and having expectations. He has given us enough of his love show and, despite everything, we play down his redemptive work. We must see life differently, as it is, a divine gift, and value everything that the heavenly Father has given us. Life is beautiful. We must begin to discover that which is around us but we have not seen for having those thoughts. The sun rises every day to give us a smile and say that the cold times, full of pain and sadness, do not matter, for he covers us with his heat. Even if we do not see it, its rays of light are always over us, so when walking in the darkness we do not go off his path. Open your eyes and see the garden that surrounds you, which you could neither behold nor delight in because your eyes had been filled with darkness. Open your ears and hear the sound of the waters, the song of the little birds and, above all, the beating of his heart, which tells you ‘Everything has been made for you. Enjoy it and laugh out loud, for it is my gift for you.’

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Hours of Service

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