We will not do what we want but what He orders

… for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. Romans 7:18
One of the toughest battles we must face every day is against our own nature. It does not want to do that which entails sacrifice and effort; it is inclined only towards those things which come easy and are pleasing to it.
Our flesh is weak for doing the will of God, yet strong for committing sin. We see how hard a time we have for submitting to the will of God, be obedient and walk in truth. We find it hard and sometimes impossible to fulfill, though we know it is good for us, yet we can do it.
That is why we must make an effort to win this battle, because it is a shame for us to be dominated by such a nature although we have accepted Christ. We make the sacrifice at the cross seem useless every time we fall. Let us ask the Holy Spirit for the revelation of the mystery of the cross, so He shows us the immense love of the Father and the mercy of the Son. He gave himself so we could be free and be under no yoke whatsoever.
When we understand this, we will grow strong to resist and make opposition to our flesh; for it is not stronger than our Spirit. Then, we will not do what we want but what He orders.

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