Whenever we fail we must reconsider and ask ourselves “Why?”

Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret faults. Psalms 19:12
No one is exempt from making mistakes, since we do not know all things. But one thing is important: we must learn from such as not to repeat them. Whenever we fail we must reconsider and ask ourselves “Why?” This question will help us identify the cause and become aware, thus preventing it from happening again.
Otherwise, it will be to our detriment and affect our lives to the point of losing opportunities that will never arise again, which were lost for acting without the guidance of God. It is what helps us not to fail but hold all the winning cards.
Therefore, we must seek knowledge from above and be filled with his wisdom and intelligence, which will enable us to have a life of triumphs. We will not have failures, if we act in accordance with his purposes and not ours, since they are responsible for us failing over and over again.

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