He answers us and helps us in everything we need

Call to Me, and I will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3

In any situation of danger, children look for their parents because they know that they will defend them and nothing bad may happen to them. The child knows that, when he cries out, he immediately draws attention to him, so he has nothing to fear, for they already heard him and they will come and help him soon.

So are we before our heavenly Father. When we raise our voice, He immediately answers us and helps us in everything we need, no strings attached. He is seating at his throne, waiting for that moment to see and feel the need from one of us.

How beautiful it is to know that we are not alone or forsaken, that it does not matter who has waged war against us, for we know that we are under his wings and He has sent his angels so they keep us from all evil.

Do not be ashamed or think that you have bothered Him too much or that He can get angry due to the times you have called Him, for He finds fulfillment when we show absolute dependence on Him. Insist and do not ever get tired of calling when you need Him, for He is waiting for someone to cry “Dad”.

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