Raising an altar

You shall make an altar to burn incense on. Exodus 30:1

God, from Genesis to Revelation, shows us his will, which He made known to men like Abraham, Moses, Daniel, David, who were chosen by Him. He talked to each one of them. He ordered them to build an altar and burn incense. This means for them to set a place where to praise and honor his presence every day.

The meaning of an altar encloses a mystery which not everyone can understand, but only those who are chosen by God. Inside of them, such a strong need arises for being under his wings that they never move away from that place; for everything thought, spoken and felt here is divine. This will be the spiritual support which will take us closer to our calling.

Everything we do at the altar is registered in the heavens and written in the book of remembrance, for this is the place where He meets us face to face and shows his love and his heart.

The incense rises with a fragrant smell that fills Heaven with all the prayers we give Him from the heart, making us participants in the encounter of Heaven and earth. Everything that happens here will never be forgotten.

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