We have to fight passionately for the faith

I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith… Jude 1:3

Faith must be sustained on the Word of God for us to stand firm, resist the snares of the enemy and not lose the crown of life.

Every day we must face difficult situations, like waves that hit the rocks, which become eroded as time passes by, until they turn into sand. The huge rock stopped being a rock due to the strong onslaughts it took day after day. It had no choice because it could not defend itself and, in the end, the waters fulfilled their purpose: they destroyed it.

Problems wear us out, make us sick an even destroy us, making us lose everything. We get hit so hard that very few times do we recover what we lost, for the faith we had was so fragile that it could not stand.

We have to fight passionately for the faith Jesus Christ has given us, not doubting but believing that the one who fights and defends oneself in his Name cannot be destroyed; for He has put himself as a defense around us, so nothing that wants to hit us can destroy us.

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