My hope is in Him

And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You. Psalms 39:7

We are so used to days going by with no changes that we have no expectations and, without realizing it, we fall into a routine. This makes us feel unhappy and hopeless.

Every day we need to have our hearts full of dreams, which will keep us in expectation. We have to make a lifestyle of this, so we are not affected by anything we are going through at a given time. The one who always has expectations praises and worships, for he knows that one day God will act when least expected and give him even more than he had dreamed of.

Let us not allow anybody to take away our hope. On the contrary, let us proclaim our blessings day after day because, if it did not arrive today, it will come tomorrow. Let us know that what we do not receive today will be multiplied tomorrow, for our hope is in Him.