We are free

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. Galatians 5:1

Our parents, out of ignorance, walked outside the will of God, turning into slaves of sin, and they left it for us as inheritance. Yet our legacy is not to follow those paths, but to take on the sacrifice of Christ at the cross, which delivered us from every yoke.

Our life starts making sense right from the moment when we make the confession of Christ in our heart, aware that He was the Lamb who sacrificed himself to redeem us from the curse. This redemption was not with gold or silver, but with his blood, which abolished all ordinances against us, resulted from the actions of our ancestors.

We should neither allow nor tolerate anything outside his will. Let us appreciate each drop of blood as a testimony of us having an unperishable inheritance, and nothing will make us turn back to the paths of curse and iniquity where they walked. Let us edify our generations on the new covenant, as we declare that we are free from sin and that his offering of sacrifice shall never be separate from our heart. Let us rise up in faith to break every yoke of slavery, as we declare out loud that “We are free in the name of Jesus”.