Victory is for those who have taken the nature of a servant

I will defend my servants and give them victory. Isaiah 54:17

Man seeks to be rewarded for what he does and is always waiting for recognition for what he did, yearning to receive compensation with gifts, flattering, money, jewels, trips, etc., thus putting a price tag on his service to others. So, we see how the desires of our flesh prevail. We seek what pleases us and we like, which causes us to build on top of things that have no value and are ephemeral, for they are momentary.

Few know the value of serving God, and we have become so familiar that we do it out of habit or obligation, but we do not understand its meaning before his eyes when it is from the heart.

God rewards those who serve Him by giving them victory in everything they ask Him for: restoring their home, giving back the heart of children, healing, breaking yokes, blessing us and conquering our enemies. So, victory is for those who have taken the nature of a servant and have humbled themselves as slaves before the one and mighty God.

When you serve Him, do it with love because He is the only One who can give us what is true and eternal: his Victory.