God is our friend

The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them. John 15:13
When we talk to a friend we know he listens, pays attention to us and is willing to do what we ask him because of the friendship that exists between the two, which is strengthened in time.
God is our friend; He is not a stranger. He is not unaware of what happens or indifferent to our pain, our sorrow and our suffering. He does not separate from our side, even if we feel that we are alone and helpless. God has his angels to our favor, who will hold us during hard times.
Knowing whether He is with us is a question we always ask ourselves; it fills us with fear and doubt. Yet we must understand that the One we look for every day is the One who always accompanies us, for this relationship was not born at just one moment, but from many hours in his altar, where our tears covered the place. There his heart and ours overflowed with love.
Jesus gave his life for us as a token of his love when He fulfilled the will of his Father. If He gave his Son, what will He not be capable of doing when He sees, feels or listens to our needs?

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