God has a purpose in our lives

The Lord will accomplish what concerns me. Psalms 138:8
When God has a purpose in our lives, no one can oppose. This should strengthen us during difficult times, which make us think that we will not achieve it, giving more credibility to what we are experiencing than his Word. Although doors have been closed and what we were awaiting has not come, we must not lose confidence, for He will do it above all circumstances and all opposition.
David is a true example of this. Even though he was not taken into account, when the Prophet arrived at his house, nobody could prevent him being anointed as king, for this was the purpose of God. Who can contend with what God has decreed? Nobody!
Let God to do things his own way, although we may not understand what is happening. Let us neither question nor rebel. On the contrary, let us pray for his will to be done, while we declare his Word that says “He will accomplish what concerns me.”

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