He is our friend

For the LORD… takes the upright into his confidence. Proverbs 3:32
Friendship is a very beautiful feeling, which allows us to relate with others, giving us a lot of happiness and satisfaction. It is developed and strengthened more each time; an unconditional and lasting relationship is established. A friend carries our burdens. He helps, comforts, encourages, urges, and protects us; and much more.
The Lord takes us into his confidence, as his friends, as long as we are upright. Uprightness is born in our heart, which makes us value what God values. He cannot take us into his confidence if we are indifferent to the things which please or displease Him. The more we are God’s friends the more we will care for that which He cares about. Jesus said: “You are my friends because you do what I command you.”
He puts us to the test to see if we can really be called friends, as was Abraham. And his friend is the one willing to obey and carry his burdens jointly with Him.

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