How beautiful it is to obey God!

… and walked the path of obedience all the way to death— his death on the cross. Philippians 2:8
How beautiful it is to obey God! Let Him be the one who directs our steps, having the conviction that it would be impossible to achieve our purpose otherwise, for He is the only one who knows it. Since before we were born, our destination was already made in the heavens.
Let us be willing to go through deserts, valleys, tempests, storms and fire, boldly and without a doubt that God is with us in all these processes, difficult but necessary to perfect us. For, during each one of these, God shows us what we have to give up which does not allow us to move forward. We stay there until we have stripped everything off ourselves, ready to take on another challenge that will make us grow up until we reach the final destination.
Let us allow Him to tend us every day of our lives, without rebelling to what we do not like, but accepting what He does with love. Let us set our eyes on Jesus, who became obedient to death on the cross.

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