It is easy to say but very hard for us to demonstrate

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. John 14:15
When we say that we love, we express that we are unconditional and capable of doing anything for the person we love. But actions, many times, demonstrate the opposite. What we say does not correspond with what we do. Thus, this is very distant from what love means.
True love does not need many words because actions demonstrate it. When there is love there is devotion, faithfulness and obedience. The one who loves, he lives to make the beloved person feel good, and to show that person what is in his heart. He does not get tired of showing affection and saying through gestures, attitudes, words and actions that such person is important, that she holds a special place in his life.
So many times we say we love Christ, but actions speak for themselves. When we love Him, we give up everything sinful and dirty that surrounds us in order to be obedient to his Word. It is easy to say but very hard for us to demonstrate. Why? Because we really have not understood the true love of the Father, who did not spare his own Son, so He gave Him. And the Son stripped all his glory off himself to die for us.
When this sacrifice comes to mind, our heart is grieved for the times we fail Him, not taking into consideration that it was, is and will be the greatest sacrifice, all so we could be free from every sin that separates us from his eternal love.

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