Let us keep the vows we made

When you pray, he will answer you, and you will keep the vows you made. Job 22:27
When we are in need, we tend to promise countless things to God, but it just so happens that, when we receive our blessing, we do not keep the vows we made. And it does not happen once or twice with us. On the contrary, we have failed Him so many times that we cannot keep track. Despite this, we do not become aware and do not stop doing so.
This shows that we are not grateful and could not care less for what God thinks about us. We believe that He does not take this into account, but He does. Therefore, when we ask from Him again, He takes so long to answer; for He wants us to reconsider.
But we have made a habit of this and, even though his mercy is manifested and He grants us our request, we do not react; we remain the same. But the time will come when his mercy will be no more. Then, what will we do? Let us not wait for that moment but keep the vows we made. If we do, we will earn awards before Him. Then, when we come back to his presence, our petition will not delay, for we did what we vowed.

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