Let us make no decision until He talks to us

So David consulted the Lord again, and the Lord said to him… 1 Samuel 23:4

So many difficult situations we do have to face unexpectedly, due to decisions we made without consulting God. We thought they were good, but it turns out that they are not so. We make many under pressure, which leads us to act immediately according to what we think is convenient for us. Then, in spite of seeing the outcome, we do not learn and stay the same way, doing the same thing.
That is why we see so many people seeking the Lord but completely away from his way. They have refused to understand that our lives do not belong to us, but to Him; that we must consult everything, asking Him to guide us, as simple and straightforward as things may seem.
Let us make no decision until He talks to us. To achieve that, let us not rush nor be influenced by pressure from others who make us forget that we depend on Him; for a bad decision will destroy our purpose, but a good decision will make us stand firm on his good will.