Our actions reveal our conduct

Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk. 1 Timothy 1:6
Our conduct must be that of Christ: faultless, not allowing anything to make us lose neither communion nor holiness. Daily, we find ourselves threatened by external factors which do not add any value to us, but subtract from us. We do not realize this, but those drag us and lead us to do useless things, nonsense ones.
Good conduct is a behavior we must assume from the moment we hand ourselves over to Christ and make the good confession, for we give up any old nature and establish a new one is us, from then on.
Our actions reveal our conduct and, as children of God, they should be good ones. It is possible to change; it only takes the disposition and the desire to do it. Christ is not to be taken by partially. He comes to us as a whole, and He starts to coexist with us. Thus, He teaches us to stand firm and not wander away, giving us the example of his good conduct.

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