If you should be unable to pay, they will take away even your bed. Proverbs 22:27


There are situations still unsolved, yet we try to play the fools by underestimating them. This is not right, for we know which spiritual consequences derive from this, when we leave doors open.

We can try to ignore the situation. Moreover, we may not remember it and think that it never happened, but we know how darkness moves; something that has not been cancelled, it is valid within us, as much as we try to ignore it, forget it or conceal it. Furthermore, we are leaving that inheritance of curse to our children, which is not fair because they do not have to pay for the irresponsibility and lack of character of us for not wanting to face facts.

No matter how many years have gone by, if the debt has not been cancelled, it is still valid for our enemy, who is always before the court to accuse us and tell the judge “his case cannot be closed, for he still has not settled his debt”.

We will always be under that shadow of darkness, thus preventing light from shining. For this reason, while this condition remains, we will not see the blessing. Close the door to the creditor by cancelling all your debts and paying up, as Christ did with us, and said “It is done!”

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