Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. Genesis 40:23


God knows all things. To Him, nothing happens by chance, for He did know them in advance. This should make us feel secure and confident, for He already knows our destiny and is aware of our ending.

Sometimes we get desperate when we see ourselves drifting away and taking a turn very different from the one intended. We immediately start seeing the enemy in everything. This is not always true. It is God who leads us; for, when we hand our lives over to Him, we give Him absolute control and the responsibility to do whatever is necessary.

It is necessary to trust and rest, for everything He does is good. Joseph was imprisoned; while in jail he revealed the dream to the cupbearer and the baker of the king. When the cupbearer came out of jail he forgot Joseph, who spent two more years in jail. But at the end of this time the king had a dream, the cupbearer remembered Joseph and told the king, who made him get out of jail and be brought to the palace. There he established Joseph as second only to him.

Nobody knew that his ending was to be the second in command for all Egypt. The road to take and the time when it would happen, only God knew them. It was necessary that all this happened and for him to stay longer in jail so he could become what was predestined. Was God unjust? No, because it was necessary for this to take place so Pharaoh would call him, not for a visit but to live and govern from there.

Let us not worry about what is happening, for He is preparing our triumphant entry to the palace so we can possess all his riches. Do not choose the way; let Him choose.

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