At once Jesus reached out and grabbed hold of him and said, “What little faith you have! Why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31


If we start thinking of the times we doubt, we would be surprised at how excessive they are, the many occasions this comes to pass. Without realizing it, this has become so normal that we cast doubt on everything. It is such a shame that we let ourselves be dragged by such a spirit when we have knowledge of Christ.

Doubt has taken such a deep root that it has weakened our faith and filled us with uncertainty and uneasiness. Thus, we leave aside true foundation, that which holds us in times of crisis.

Crises are temporary but, depending on our attitude, it will be easier to bear them and come out of them through a hope of glory. Then, if we have faith, we will remain firm and not faint, waiting for the moment of the end to such crises. But, if we start doubting, each one will become unbearable and insufferable, and will lead to incorrect decisions.

Ask yourself “Who knows more, God or me?” Surely you will say “God”. Then, why doubt if He fulfills everything He says? Do not doubt; only believe and do not give place in your life to the enemy of your faith. Do not let the promises of God die for being hesitant and not taking the corresponding action. Surrender that doubt and you will be free to believe.

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