I believed, therefore have I spoken: “I was greatly afflicted.” Psalms 116:10


A person with no faith is like a tree with no roots, which has nothing to sustain it. Therefore, it will get dry and never bear fruit, for Christ is the faith. Lack of faith shows that we do not have Him. Though we talk about Him all the time and serve Him, this does not show that we have faith.

True faith is shown through our attitudes, when the waters overflow and cannot uproot us. On the contrary, we seek the depths of his heart to hear his heartbeats, which strengthen us and tell us “Have faith”.

Faith does not grow instantly. It is a process of maturing, months and years of seeing God act and how He answers us at moments of difficulty and uncertainty in our lives. As well as the seed is small when you plant it but in time there is a lush and huge tree, which was not seen but hidden, just the same way our faith is like a seed that wants to grow.

Therefore, faith cannot be in our mind but in the heart, growing every day with the experiences from the past and the present, which will never be forgotten, for they will always be written as a memory of the tough battles yet glorious victories that Jesus Christ gave us.

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