Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. As the scripture says, ‘Streams of life-giving water will pour out from his side.’ John 7:37-38


When we walk by stagnant waters, the smell given off is horrible and nauseating. Those waters give rise to diseases, pests, plagues and many more things. It becomes evident that nobody wants to be close, in order to avoid any contamination.

These waters, as a result from the lack of circulation, from having no movement at all, are a habitat for bacteria, which shows these are a source of infection. This makes us see that stagnant stuff is no good. It is a shame to see that many of us are in that same situation. We are going through spiritual paralysis. It has caused some discomfort inside of us, which is infecting those around us.

One symptom that gives evidence of this is the way we talk, how we express ourselves and what we do. We are constantly complaining; we live in a bad mood, with no joy. We have an attitude of unconformity. This is all the result of not feeding our spirit by way of intimate communion with the Lord. We have abandoned priority number one: “Always being in his presence”. That is why our spirit starts to be contaminated instead of purified.

Let us become aware of our spiritual life so the same as stagnant waters will not happen to us. Let us always seek the company of the Holy Spirit to renew us, so no impurity can originate spiritual stagnation; for we are not called to be static but in constant movement, since rivers of living waters will flow from our sides.

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