He does whatever he wishes in heaven and on earth, in the seas and in the depths below. Psalms 135:6

The Word recounts the story of a widow whose children were to be taken by creditors as payment for the debt contracted. This woman was alone, with no means of support, with no help in the natural, but her God did take care of her and her beloved ones. Thus, He sent Prophet Elisha so she would see that He had not forgotten about her.

Many times our mind is baffled. This causes us to stop seeing the pioneer and perfecter of all acts, Christ Jesus. We must fully trust and rest upon the Lord.

He has the authority over all things. Do not doubt anymore, and remember that before you were born He had already made everything you need for living.

Come close on this day, trusting that He does whatever He wishes. You need only to believe if you want to see his power. The heavens, the earth, the oceans and the seas were created by Him. If He made all those wonders, what won’t He do for you? Trust…