My Presence will go with you. Exodus 33:14


Loneliness is not good. This saddens us and takes joy away, while it brings bitterness and desolation, all because we have a life separated from God; for the one who has a relationship with Him is satisfied and never feels lonely. It is not the people who are on our side who will make us no longer feel lonely; it is when we make Christ the center of our lives, which we have not done for giving more importance to being accompanied than having Him.

With Him, we can talk long hours and He will never tell us “It is enough”. He can accompany us anywhere and will never tell us ‘I’m tired’. On the contrary, He will always want to be with us and not leave us on our own.

Therefore, we must not continue feeling this way, for we are so accompanied that even while sleeping He does not leave our side. He gives us the company that we have sought so much.

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