For the Lord will not abandon his people, Nor will He forsake his inheritance. Psalms 94:14


When difficult situations come to our lives, we usually turn away from Church and brethren, for we do not have enough strength to face the situation and withstand it. The time comes when we look for help with therapists or psychologists, for them to help us come out of the situation.

Without realizing it, we give more credit to medicine than the Creator of all things. That is why each day we should ask ourselves “How is our faith? Is it small? Do I have none?”; for an affirmative answer to each one of them demonstrates that we are not supported on the Word of God. Not admitting it demonstrates religiousness, which makes us believe that we are fine. It also hides the truth, making us live in lies, deception and falsehood.

We must unmask every work of the darkness in our lives, and know that, under these conditions, there will never be a strong faith, which guarantees that in moments of rain, storm or wind we will stand firm and fight the good fight of the faith. We win it through conviction, knowing that there is only one winner: Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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