Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition. Matthew 15:6


Influence exercised by culture is very strong, and it is so deeply rooted in people that we prefer it over God’s principles. That is why we see so many Christians outside of the order established in the Word. Even though they love the Lord, they are still bound to customs and traditions. But Jesus came to break away from everything named custom, tradition and culture. That is why He found so much opposition; for his mission was to establish the Kingdom of Heaven and dethrone the kingdom of darkness. It uses that one and other types of tricks to have peoples, countries and communities subject to yokes of bondage.

Because of this, it becomes so difficult for them to have a prosperous life in Christ. They never bear fruit; for the Word says we need to renew the spirit of our minds, that we may know the good will of the Lord. It is good, acceptable and perfect.

If we are not prepared to have a change of mind, it will be impossible to get all this started, since thoughts and memories are in our minds, those that induce us to follow these schemes willingly. In order to be free from this yoke, we must submit our minds to the mind of Christ, and declare that no culture, tradition or custom will dominate us, but only the Word of God.

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