So Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into the sheath. Shall I not drink the cup which My Father has given Me?” John 18:11


Jesus knew the will of God. He made an effort, so everything that could rise against it did not prosper; for He wanted said will to be fulfilled, even if He had to pay a very tough price.

Not all of us are capable of paying such a price, for we do not understand what we achieve when that will is done. That is why it will be attacked by the enemy, so it is not fulfilled. He will wage nonstop war against us. Then, if we are not in the spirit, we will not be able to resist.

Let us not rebel against the good, pleasant and perfect that He has for us since before the world was formed and we were conceived. Let us not submit to the will of our enemy, which is bad, unpleasant and imperfect. Let us not allow a single thing to stop us from doing what He has ordered, as hard, painful and impossible as it may seem. Let us battle against all opposition, even from ourselves, who do not want to understand that there is nothing to add to or subtract from that which God says.

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