Yet even when you do pray, your prayers are not answered, because you pray just for selfish reasons. James 4:3


God wants to bless us in everything. It would be enough to know his heart for us to be aware that this is the case; for there is no doubt that everything has been created for us to enjoy. It is illogical to think that there are things which are not for us and that He has his favorites.

He has no favoritism; He wants to do with us just the same way He did when He blessed someone else. When we pray and our prayers have no answers, many thoughts come to our mind to confuse us and discourage us. Yet at no moment do we think “Could it be the will of God for my life?”, for He will not give us something that is not good for us.

Many of our prayers are for our own satisfaction, where He counts for nothing. That is why they are not and will not be answered; for we must learn to ask according to his heart. Everything we ask from Him must have a divine purpose, for this way He sees that our intention is to please Him and what we ask for will draw us closer to Him.

Let us ask Him to reveal us what to pray for, since our wish is to do his will. Let us know that, if we are aligned to it, He will give us EVERYTHING we ask for.

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