And He laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God. Luke 13:13


So many opportunities we do have to praise God, but we do not do it. Time goes by and there is no expression of gratitude for all the undeserved favors He has given us. We find it hard to say we love Him, to profess our love for Him with sweet words, tender and full of feelings.

He enjoys it when we give Him true worship, but why don’t we do it, if we know that He lives in the heavens and created us to worship Him? Religiousness makes us crippled and takes away the joy of praising Him. We only see an environment loaded with problems, uncertainties and impositions. Thus, we always focus on the worst and not the best. Religiousness does not allow us to enjoy the blessings. On the contrary, it makes us take a victim’s position so others will have pity on us.

Religiousness does not make us earn Heaven. On the contrary, it pulls us away from it; for Jesus broke all yokes by way of death at the cross, and He cannot bear to see us enslaved by our own beliefs. Let us break away from everything that has us crippled and begin to praise and glorify God.

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