If it is, you have a bright future. Proverbs 23:18

Everything has a beginning and everything has an end; nothing is forever. This is good to know because, when we start a battle, it takes so long that we think it will never end, but it is not so. This makes us weaken, but we have to renew our strengths to keep fighting until the end. Wars make us tired, weak and exhausted, but, if we know that it will not last forever, we must make our best efforts to continue.

The enemy knows this weakness, and makes us think that he is stronger, that he will win. That is why the people of Israel could not face Goliath; for they saw him with the mind, not in the spirit. Yet power is not measured by size but by the source it comes from. And it belongs to God. That is why David confronted him; He knew that what he had was God’s, and he would conquer.

Let us not shrink back! Let us face the giant because he is already conquered!