How long will you falter between two opinions? 1 Kings 18:21


Many times, the concepts we have, instead of being helpful, are unhelpful to us, since we do what we think is right. This prevents us from doing what his Word says because it is difficult for us to accept another thought which is not the one we know. That is why we limit ourselves so much and fail to receive, for we see that there is only one truth: the one we know. This is so harmful to us, for we do not allow God to act freely.

A simple example is when we do not ask God for anything, as He teaches us in his Word, for we were taught, when we were children, that it is wrong to ask. Then, we do not ask from Him because this structure is so strong that we get blocked. Thus, we say “God knows my need so, when He sees it, He will give it to me”, and we do not open up our lips to ask for anything.

That is why even if you know the Word, if you do not walk and practice the principles in it, you will never know Him; for He does not show himself as we think but as He is, since there is no other principle that competes with that which is written in the Word. Therefore, let us give up on our thoughts and take His.