But when King Uzziah became strong, he grew arrogant, and that led to his downfall. 2 Chronicles 26:16


Not all of us know how to deal with power; it causes us to become proud and feel that we do not need anybody. Many times, this power causes us to turn away from the ways of the Lord and our heart to be hardened, up to the point that our family is no longer important to us and the only things of interest to us are money, position, status, recognition.

As children of God, we must take care of our heart for it to remain faithful to the Word because it is necessary for us to learn to be humble and value the place from which He brought us out.

No matter what your position is, the place where you are, the power you have, the influence, the goods, the possessions; you must remain upright. Let us not be like King Uzziah, who became powerful and, thus, he became conceited. At that very moment, his downfall came; he lost everything.

Let us be humble and acknowledge that everything we are is because He has given it to us.

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