After Lot had left, the Lord said to Abram, From where you are, look carefully in all directions. I am going to give you and your descendants all the land that you see, and it will be yours forever. Genesis 13:14-15


Sometimes we strive so much to be blessed and, as much as we struggle, we are not. On the contrary, the heavens remain closed and there is no sign that it will be different. Everything is static; no change. It is as if God were not. As much as we pray, moan and cry out, there are no answers. Everything remains the same, so we get to despair for we do not understand what is going on.

God is not pleased with this situation because He wants to bless us; but it is necessary to be in divine order to receive blessings. It is not enough to pray, fast and intercede, if there are conditions in us that are not in order.

First we have to recognize what we have but He does not like; second, what it is we are doing which does not have his approval; and third, with whom we are sharing, those outside his purpose… For Abraham was blessed when he separated from his nephew Lot, since he was not aligned.

Let us look at those who are around us, and ask for confirmation from the Lord whether these people are obstacles to our blessing. If his answer is yes, let us turn away as Abraham did, for God will bless us from that moment on.

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