If he has done you any wrong or owes you anything, charge it to me. Philemon 1:18


Every day we are evading our responsibilities. Assuming a position of indifference in view of them brings shame on us before God, and it leaves a lot to think of us.

We have gotten used to not facing problems, to consider that they hold no importance. We must know that there are people around us who depend on us, who are sending a signal for paying attention to them and their problems to be solved.

Homes, families and children are destroyed every day for not facing their situation. Children are in need of love, understanding and support; spouses are demanding attention and details. Each one of them needs attention and provision.

“I did not know”, “Now I find out”; things like these must not happen. Let us make the commitment before God first and then with others because, when we do it for God, He gives us the disposition for doing it and teaches us to be brave.

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