The Lord would speak with Moses face-to-face, just as someone speaks with a friend. Exodus 33:11


We think that the simple fact of attending church services or reading his Word is enough. We are wrong. Jesus taught us that there was something deeper for us to know and practice every day: prayer.

Through it, we can face challenges and know the unlimited power of God. That is why we cannot ignore the benefits it provides us, so we must bring about this encounter all the days of our lives. Let us always do it with an attitude of humiliation, seeking a divine encounter with Him, so He guides us and shows us his will, no matter time or space, but convinced that when we get close, face to face, He will show himself as a friend.

Let us seek the intimacy He demands from us, turn our faces down, bow our knees, and let Him start whispering his plans and projects in our ears. They will change us completely and give us a different vision of everything, a renewed one.

Let us not delay what Heaven wants to do. We only have to separate ourselves and tell Him: “Show yourself in my life, for I will not leave this place until I have a real encounter with You. I have no hurry and I will wait all the necessary time, but I want to see You.”

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