If I must boast, I will boast about things that show how weak I am. 2 Corinthians 11:30


No one likes to confess their weaknesses, much less have someone make those known to them. We are always concealing that which embarrasses us because we live to keep up appearances. This demonstrates that we are not interested in changing, for only when there is acknowledgement in us can we get the nerve to confront and face up to what we cannot dominate, with courage.

Paul was a man who demonstrated an unrivaled bravery when he persecuted Christians to kill them. At that moment, when he surrendered himself to Christ, he was able to acknowledge that he was full of weaknesses, but he did not mind admitting to it. This shows us that the whole time he was hiding who he really was, out of fear of being displaced or rejected, but the moment came when he was free and able to express everything he felt and suffered.

This behavior of Paul is worthy of imitation, since he was determined to fulfill his purpose. Had he not acknowledged his limitations, he would not have been able to fulfill it, for they were going to destroy him. So many callings have been aborted by men and women of God full of gifts, since they never had the disposition to face their condition. Therefore, at the moment of crisis they could not resist because they had not built the columns to sustain themselves.

Let us face with nerve that which we have not been able to confess, and ask Him to turn it all into an unbeatable stronghold that cannot be moved, where He will be glorified.

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