“The Lord our God we will serve, and his voice we will obey!” Joshua 24:24

Obedience is a divine principle, which is hard for us to comply with and even harder to maintain. It is a battle so tough that sometimes we think that we are being obedient, but we are not. We cannot go into it halfway; it must be in full. And, yes, it can be done because Christ gave testimony that it is possible, but, for this, we have to give up on everything that prevents us from attaining it. Among these are wishes, thoughts and own concepts.

Otherwise, we will always put our truth forward, which prevents us from being obedient. We start looking for arguments to why not to do things. The obedient only executes the order; he does not allow what he may believe or think to be above.

Obedience is beautiful and it pleases God. Many begin, but cannot stand, since we have to comply with it as a lifestyle, with the firm will not to yield into something that makes us disobedient.

That is why we have to know the Word, since it will confront us at the time when we are not complying with that which God established. This way, all things will go well for us.