Surely even now my witness is in heaven, and my evidence is on high. Job 16:19


God talks to us continuously, and He reproves us so we can possess the keys to the Kingdom. True prayer is the one that conquers the heavens, and we see the answer to our requests.

Praying is joining ourselves with the heart of God and knowing his will; it is making the Holy Spirit a participant and allowing Him to guide us for establishing in the heavens and on earth, with power. Praying is talking to God.

Prayer is our defense, which sets us free and protects us from all evil. Even when we do not see the answer come close, let us not stop praying, for our Lord has prepared all things for those who seek Him without losing heart.

Bow your knees and bend your head. When you start to cry out, the God Almighty will show himself to you and Heaven will answer you.

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