Rejoice in the harvest

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Psalms 126:5
Having a good marriage, a good family, good children, a good job and a great ministry cannot be accomplished overnight. It is accomplished by sowing with great effort.
God is the owner of the seed, and He gives it to us for sowing, so we can obtain a good harvest. But it is heavily threatened, up to the point of losing it if we are not careful. We must take care of it and wall it in every day, fixing our eyes on that which we will receive.
Many seeds have not grown for not doing things the way we should have. We need time, dedication, commitment, effort, courage, disposition and, above all, love. For that seed we see as tiny and insignificant represents an invaluable potential, since every seed grows and multiplies itself. Everything we sow will multiply itself in a great way, establishing a legacy of blessing for our generation.
Do not let them die, the seeds that God has given you. Sow them, take care of them and rejoice in the harvest!

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