Share your belongings with your needy fellow Christians. Romans 12:13


The selfishness we show before others is very obvious. We think of ourselves without considering the need of the other one and do not put ourselves in their place. We live for ourselves without thinking of others. The love of Christ is not being demonstrated in us. For his love is giving with no conditions and expecting nothing in return; it is stripping oneself of what one possesses for giving it to others.

A good parent refrains from everything in order to make his beloved ones happy before himself. However, there are parents who give no importance to what their child may feel or think.

Most problems in our children are the product of lack of affection, lack of understanding, mistreatment, inconsiderateness and lack of attention. They need the provision for all these so they grow up emotionally healthy and do not seek in others what we knew not how to give to them, forgetting about them for being busy with our own things.

Christ must be a reflection on our family life. He stripped all his glory off to become one like us. Let us strip ourselves of all selfishness and make ourselves like them so we can understand and provide for their needs.

If we truly love Christ, we must show what He is in us, with everyone else.

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