Thank God for his gift that is too wonderful for words! 2 Corinthians 9:15


We give value to things in accordance with our appreciation. For this reason, not all of us give them the same value. To some, a hug is more important than a gift; others think a hug makes no sense, but it makes sense that you give them recognition. We are very complex. What is good for one is not so for the others; what has value for many does not for some. So, it is hard for us to understand one another and, above all, realize the value of that which God gives us.

For this reason, we cannot continue to give no value to it, for everything that comes from Him is good and there is no way to describe it. For example, life is priceless and it is a gift from God, but we let time goes by and do not say to Him “Thank you for allowing me to be still alive”.

He provides everything for us: water, sun, food. In spite of this, our lips keep on making no reference to it. Why? Because we believe that it will always be there. But, if one day all the water fountains dry up, the Sun does not rise anymore and the land does not give its fruit, then we would think “How come I gave no value to that which God had provided for me?”

Let us not wait for things to no longer exist so we understand the value they had. Give Him thanks for everything, even for that which you do not see, but you know He has provided everything for you to live.

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