This started an angry argument among them. “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” they asked. John 6:52

There are people who want to know more than God, so they question his word. When any of their interests are challenged, they immediately start defending their position, which is just the opposite of that which is established by said Word.

They claim to know the Lord but do not do what He says, so they live a custom-made gospel. It is easy to lead a Christian life like that, since they set their own rules. When we see those cases, we realize that Christ is not a reality there, and a lot is to be said about their Christian life.

So, all those of us who declare faith are called to surrender to his will, be that as it may, without questioning. Therefore, when we defend our point of view, we reflect our carnal nature, which shows that it has not been taken to the cross.

Thus, it is necessary to understand that everyone who claims to belong to Christ must reflect the nails as a symbol of total surrender. This is manifested when we humbly show the One who leads us and guides us, obeying his entire Word and not fighting against it.

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