Lord, who may enter your Temple? Who may worship on Zion, your sacred hill? Psalms 15:1


There are a number of conditions that God requires for dwelling in his presence. Not anyone can dwell in it, for this place is so sacred and pure that there is no space for sin there. It is a spiritual place that forms when we live in justice, say the truth with all our hearts, speak ill of nobody, do not offend the neighbor, do not take bribes and fulfill promises.

All this makes the very glory of God not go away and us to dwell in it because He is seeking those clean hearts, those who hate evil but honor what He honors. Thus, He will never move but establish a permanent dwelling place.

So, those who follow these principles will dwell with Him; for He does not turn away. But our very condition separates us; it does not allow us to enter that place chosen for those who are willing to sacrifice everything and have recognized the privilege of dwelling on his sacred hill. Only those who have decided to sanctify and purify themselves, by washing their sins through the blood of the Lamb, can remain there.

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