Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear; Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident. Psalms 27:3


Confidence in God is what will give us the certainty to face any situation or danger that stalks us. It is not enough to say “The Lord is my warrior”; it is necessary to live by it, so we can fight until we overcome them, when an army besieges us.

We always hear others say what they are in Christ and what they would do if the enemy attacked them. This makes us think that they are great warriors, trained for the battle, whatever its magnitude. But what a surprise we do have when we see that those who talked and challenged the enemy are full of fear and uncertainty. At a moment, the courageous disappear and demonstrate a reality very different from that which they expressed. It is a shame to see that many people who claim to be warriors set their own words aside, as if they were never aware of what they said.

That is why we need to test ourselves so we know what our condition is; if we are real warriors or fake ones. Let us have no fear to face our truth, for this will help us overcome many conditions that we did not dare cope with. If we do this consciously, as a result of it, we will be free from everything that kept us from being great warriors.

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