Obey the Lord your God and all these blessings will be yours. Deuteronomy 28:2


The Word shows us that, when we obey his Word and put his commandments into practice, we will walk in blessing and He will put us above all peoples. We have the certainty that we are the ones who earn the blessing in accordance with our behavior and, if we cling on to his laws, blessings will reach us without having to seek them.

They will come by themselves; blessing will be added to all we have and is to come, for He so established. He opens the heavens to descend the rain that our land needs, and all our work to prosper. He shows us his great goodness by giving our children to us as inheritance, and a great harvest in the land promised to our fathers. Thus, He puts us first, not last; at the top, never at the bottom; we will lend to many nations and borrow from none.

Today we have the opportunity to walk under these principles that will open the doors of the heavens for a life full of the blessing of God. Decide it!, and you will see the manifestation of the very glory that walked with Abraham, who gave testimony of total obedience.

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