“To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion you will inherit.” 1 Chronicles 16:18


It cannot be; so many people let what belongs to them be taken away for not understanding what their position is in the Lord and what to do. For this reason, only the brave take their blessings by force, not settling for what they have but fighting for what belongs to them.

We have to rise up and begin to claim the portion we will inherit, since we are heirs in Christ Jesus. The time has come to take our position and not to give it up because that is what we are called to do, to act by force. Let us see in the spirit what belongs to us and decide to act in order to possess our inheritance; let us not put it off until tomorrow but today, for it belongs to us by legal right. And what is not claimed is lost.

Heaven is full of all our blessings, which were forgotten. We did not dare claim them, often due to lack of knowledge. So, let us take the sword which is the Word and declare it over life, family and children. The results will surprise us.

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