Those also who render evil for good, They are my adversaries, because I follow what is good. Psalms 38:20


The air often becomes saturated, and we need to do a cleansing so that the divine atmosphere, which covers us, is not hindered by spiritual pollution arising from envy or jealousy of people who cannot stand someone else doing well. They release words of curse on the anointed of God, causing an interference that hinders the blessings. That is why we must collect every one of those words that have been hurled against us and take them into the abyss, where they will never return from.

At the same time, let us declare that no tongue that rises to bring death, disease, destruction and division will prosper. We establish that we are guarded in the heart of God and covered by his blood, which puts a cover around us to keep it from reaching us, that is any weapon that has been released.

Let us make ourselves invisible to the world of darkness, and confound the plans that the enemy has launched into the air or is executing under the ground, by sending him a whirlwind so said plans are buried.

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