A hard-working farmer has plenty to eat. People who waste time will always be poor. Proverbs 28:19


Time that goes by is never recovered, and so many seconds, minutes, hours slip away from us, doing nothing, aside from the time we remain inactive when we are sleeping. If we added up idle time and the time sleeping, we would be surprised at how much that is.

All this time is unproductive. It is as if it did not exist, for nothing productive is being done. As children of God, we must take this into account and not continue wasting time; but, for this, we must reorganize ourselves and break away from inactivity. Doing this will not be easy and it will annoy us; we will even get angry, for we are going to do something we are not used to. This means breaking away from patterns, habits and customs that are fighting for us to remain the same.

We must redeem time: generating ideas, working hard, planning for the future, making strategies to multiply what we have. If we do all this, we will not have enough time. On the contrary, we will want to have extended hours instead of twenty four, to be able to do much more.

This is something that we must do constantly. If not, we will fall back into the same thing. And idleness brings poverty, but the one who works is prospered.