Respect your father and your mother, so that you may live a long time in the land that I am giving you. Exodus 20:12


God, in his sovereignty, established honoring father and mother as a command. This was not by chance or because He wanted so; but He who knows our nature was aware that, if He did not set it as a law, the people would not do it because, when we reach the age of becoming independent, we forget everything our parents did.

The indifference of children is so evident that even while living together we give no value to the sacrifice they have to make for us to have education, food and provision. We see as if our parents were obligated to do it, but we do not see what we must do for them.

The Word teaches us that, when a child honors his father and his mother, the Lord makes him live longer in the land. Through this, God is saying that when there is honor, there is blessing, thus giving us a visa for a longer time on earth, with no disease, no shortage and no lack of any goods.

As parents, we have to teach these principles to our children so they know what the desire if God is. Then they will be able to walk in obedience, honoring us every moment, in order for them not to be destroyed due to lack of knowledge.

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